Vaquero curb bit de Arco Esbelto by Lopez
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Vaquero curb bit "de Arco Esbelto" by Lopez

Art.No: BOL-Esp Vaqu 13mm
Bite width

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Portuguese curb bit with movable reins. An additional pair of reins can be buckled into the curb bit eye.
Completely black burnished.

The "de Arco" mouthpiece of this curb bit has a low tongue clearance and is very popular with horses due to its gently curved shape.
This model is a custom-made product with a lot of manual work, as the originally 18 mm thick mouthpiece is now only 13 mm thick.
The mouthpiece can slide up and down the curb bit shanks by approx. 2 mm (pump curb bit).

Length of the fittings: Lower bit approx. 8 cm, upper bit approx. 5 cm. Mouthpiece diameter approx. 13 mm.

Widths: from 11.5 - 15.5 cm (bit bar width, not external dimension)

Delivery includes hook, without chin chain.